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Induxx delivers customizations. More specifically, customized applications so you can expand the capabilities of your PIM system. We deliver additional functionalities with which we optimize (the basic version of) your Akeneo PIM system.

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With the apps, you adapt your PIM system to your specific needs. There are numerous possibilities. For example, there are apps to automate tasks, streamline processes or enable integration with other software solutions.

We are proud to be Akeneo specialists for business implementation and technical integration. This recognition comes because we have more than 50 Akeneo references in our portfolio. In addition, we already developed numerous modules based on Akeneo products. Discover them here!

DeepL App

The DeepL app provides accurate translations of product information into your PIM system. The translations run automatically. This way you deliver even better customer service without extra effort.

Magento Integration Bundle

The Magento Integration Bundle ensures a seamless integration of your Akeneo PIM system with the Magento e-commerce platform. This way you push your PIM catalog smoothly to the webshop software.

Magento API connector

The Induxx Connector directly addresses the Magento API. The big advantage is that our connector lives completely within the Akeneo application, while this is spread out with the Akeneo Connector for Magento 2. This results in more transparent data integration with easy access to (and filtering options on) process tracking.

Bynder App

Akeneo PIM lacks direct integration with Digital Asset Management systems such as Bynder, which is essential for efficiently managing and synchronizing digital assets with product information. The Bynder App fills this gap by providing a seamless connection, allowing users to easily import, manage and enrich digital assets within Akeneo PIM..

Barcode Generator App

Akeneo PIM lacks the built-in functionality to generate and save barcode images directly from product data, such as EAN codes. The Barcode Generator App fills this gap through a seamless integration that makes it possible to transform EAN codes into barcode images, simplifying the management of products for sales, distribution and inventory.

Image hotfolder 

By default, Akeneo does not allow images to be dropped into a folder to have them automatically processed based on a ‘system’. You can pass the paths to Akeneo via CSV, after which the files will be loaded.

Easy catalolog API connector

Akeneo PIM does not provide built-in support for direct integration with catalog design software such as Easy Catalog. The Easy Catalog API Connector bridges Akeneo PIM and Easy Catalog to seamlessly and automatically export product data for use in print or digital catalogs, greatly simplifying the catalog creation process.

App Framework

Akeneo PIM lacks a standardized system that allows users to easily automate repetitive or complex tasks, manage operations, and set advanced filters for their product data. The framework provides a uniform structure that standardizes functionalities across different apps, allowing users to work with their product information more efficiently and effectively.


Akeneo PIM lacks a standardized A custom module was developed within Induxx that makes it possible to link one or more templates to a product / product model, after which PDFs are automatically generated, either manually or via commands set on the server (CLI, cron…).

Overwrite App

Akeneo PIM lacks the direct option to adjust certain master data, such as ERP data, at product level without affecting the original source data. The Overwrite App allows users to selectively overwrite specific attributes, providing flexible adjustment of product data where necessary, without altering the central data collection.

Meta Generator

Akeneo PIM lacks the functionality to automatically generate and store image metadata, which is essential for improving the organization and findability of product information. Induxx’s Meta Generator automatically extracts metadata from images and stores it in a separate attribute within Akeneo PIM, greatly simplifying image data management

GS1 connector

Akeneo PIM lacks the native support for direct integration with GS1 standards, which are essential for standardized sharing of product data across the supply chain and with trading partners. The GS1 Connector bridges the gap between Akeneo PIM and GS1 data pools, making it easier to manage and exchange product information according to international standards.

Transformation App

Akeneo PIM lacks advanced capabilities for adjusting and transforming product data, such as merging attributes or changing formats. The Transformation App enables users to perform complex data manipulations necessary for specific business processes or channel requirements, which is essential for more flexible and dynamic product information management.

Metric prefix bundle

Akeneo PIM lacks the functionality to easily provide metric units with prefixes such as ‘kilo’, ‘milli’, ‘centi’, and so on. The Metric Prefix Bundle adds metric units, allowing users to manage their product data more efficiently and improve the accuracy of their product information.

Mapping bundle (CE & EE)

Naturally, Akeneo comes standard with (among other things) product export functionality (csv / xlsx). This standard also offers a lot of possibilities in terms of filtering.

Reference data extension (CE).

We developed a custom module that allows this type of object, supporting the main features known within Akeneo (simple/multi select, number, metric, image…).

Read-only attribute (CE)

By default, Akeneo does not allow files to be made read-only. For this reason, a custom module was developed within Induxx that does allow this.

Font attribute (CE & EE)

As a clean solution for the storage of laundry instruction icons in terms of reference data, a specific font attribute was developed.

Image hotfolder (CE & EE)

By default, Akeneo does not allow images to be dropped into a folder for automatic processing based on a ‘systematics’. You can, however, pass the paths to Akeneo via csv and the files will then be loaded.

S3 cloud storage (AWS) of digital assets (CE & EE).

Making assets available in the cloud makes it possible to link to these documents externally. A big advantage is the positive impact on disk usage. We can also link a Lambda service to this (e.g. to automatically resize images, add a watermark …).

Lambda service (CE & EE)

To S3 cloud storage (AWS), we link a Lambda service to automatically resize images, add a watermark …

Cross unique attributes (CE & EE)

Custom functionality was built to guarantee the unique factor across different attributes.

Event based text / simple select attributes (CE + EE)

By default, Akeneo does not allow linking different attributes according to a certain logic. For this reason, derived attributes were designed within Induxx that allow certain actions to be pushed through management.

Family specific select options (CE + EE)

From now on it is possible to link families (optionally) to feature options defined at feature level. If no specific link is made, the feature remains an option for all families.

Custom features according to Akeneo categorization (CE & EE)

Induxx provides a custom extension where it will be possible to fill in features at the category level. In this way, additional content can now be added to the e-commerce website as Photo (Image), SEO / Description (Text), Display Options (Select).

Category export (CE & EE)

By default, Akeneo has no filtering options in the category export. This module allows you to specify which category items should be exported by specifying (the) parent item(s).

Tooltips (CE & EE)

Induxx developed an extension that allows metadata to be stored with features and categories, which can then be transferred to other systems via CSV/XLSX exports or API.

Amounts on associations (CE & EE)

By default, Akeneo does not offer the possibility to store amounts or prices according to associations (e.g. needed for bundles). With our bundle, these data can now be exported via API or CSV/XLSX.

PDF generator (CE & EE)

A custom module was developed within Induxx that allows one or more templates to be linked to a product/product model after which pdfs are automatically generated, either manually or via server-set commands (CLI, cron…).

CHILI plugin for Akeneo (CE & EE)

The seamless integration between Akeneo and CHILI allows you to add your product data directly to a template (design). Above all, this template is easily and quickly customizable within Akeneo.

EasyCatalog XML connector (CE & EE)

This module allows product data from Akeneo to be made available to EasyCatalog in the form of an XML file or URL, where EasyCatalog’s XML Data Provider module can import it.

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