The CHILI plugin for Akeneo PIM


What is CHILI publisher?

CHILI publish was founded in 2010 with the aim of automating and simplifying graphic production processes. CHILI publisher became a software for the smart creation of both commercial and packaged print products. Users with and without a graphic background can easily get away with it.

From enriched product data to print

The biggest stumbling block at CHILI is to constantly obtain qualitative product data with which to set up templates. At Induxx, we in turn often receive the request to be able to set up print material from product data. Preferably via smart templates so that the visuals can be used quickly and easily for print, their webshops and other channels. It was clear to us that there was an opportunity here. PHPro, a sister company of Induxx, launched a CHILI connector for Magento 2 in 2015. Thanks to this connector, a web2print project is up-and-running in no time. From this experience, we knew where the additional added value lay, namely integrating CHILI publisher within Akeneo with an eye on shared workflows. As a true Gold Partner of Akeneo, we immediately went to work!

The CHILI plugin for Akeneo

The seamless integration between Akeneo and CHILI makes it possible to add your product data directly to a template. It has never been easier to create leaflets, flyers, packaging, price tags (labels) or other marketing materials. With one click on a button, you can then send a design to an agency or print company of your choice. They will then be able to print your design within minutes. A huge time saver and convenience for all our customers!

Create custom templates in the cloud

In our CHILI plugin, you can immediately get to work with predefined templates that are also fully customisable. This results in serious time saving since you only work from within Akeneo. Forget about external applications like InDesign and Illustrator! From now on, you can do everything from your own browser.

Curious about how our Akeneo plugin for CHILI publisher works?
Watch a video below to see how user-friendly everything is:

You can see a column on the left with the different templates, the chosen design in the middle and your products on the right. If you change the product information, it will also automatically change in your design.

The advantages of the CHILI plugin for Akeneo:

Eliminate and automated repetitive work
Speed up your process so you can market (and then sell) your product faster
Departure from a certainty that your product data is 100% correct
Strengthen your brand identity

Do you also need a PIM solution?

Induxx is the only company in the Benelux that works full-time on Akeneo. We develop our Induxx modules and set up Product Information Management (PIM) projects. If you need support afterwards, we are happy to help you. We are a team of certified Akeneo PIM experts. Thanks to our three ‘Implementation Specialists Certifications’, two ‘Developer Certifications’ and a nice portfolio of Akeneo Enterprise Edition customers/projects, we still belong to the select group of Akeneo Gold Partners! We try to keep up with the latest technologies and are always challenging ourselves. Our customers deserve quality, expertise, user-friendly tools and solutions.

Do you have any questions about this CHILI plugin? Let’s get in touch!

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