PXM Maturity Assessment


Is your company already equipped with a PIM system that is actually being used actively? Do you wonder if you can still optimise the use of your current PIM, or in what way that can be achieved? Perhaps you are just looking for a confirmation about your PIM setup?

In all these respects, Induxx is at your service. At Induxx, we attach great value to delivering quality custom-made solutions. The Product Experience Management Maturity Assessment test certainly provides an added value. It will help you gain insight into the strengths and possible gaps within your Product Information Management setup. In turn, these insights form a good basis for fine-tuning the scope and the necessary steps of your customised project.

Shortcomings or defects in your PIM system can lead to user discomfort and cost your employees a lot of time. The Product Experience Management Maturity Assessment test exposes sticking points and can serve as an extra push.

How does the Product Experience Management Maturity Assessment test work?

This test contains 4 questions. A score is determined based on your answers to these questions. This score gives an idea about the quality of the current PIM system, but also shows how it compares to that of fellow users.

After the test is completed, Induxx can be contacted with no strings attached. You will already have a ready-made questionnaire at your disposal. Moreover, operational recommendations are made to stimulate growth initiatives through better product experiences.

There are three PXM Maturity Stages

  1. PXM Adopter

A PXM adopter believes in a single source of truth as a strong foundation for the consistent use of product information across channels and markets.

  1. PXM Innovator

A PXM Innovator establishes a collaborative model between teams and formalises a process that ensures attributes and resources are defined to match the product experience customers expect throughout the buying journey.

  1. PXM Champion

A PXM Champion achieves growth through a scalable and well-designed platform that engages internal and external stakeholders and aligns with business strategy.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Please also feel free to share what results this test generated in your case.

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