The Akeneo Unlock Champions awards


Unlock 2021

This year’s Akeneo PIM Summit will take place digitally via an all-new, virtual event called Unlock 2021. Induxx is delighted to be a part of this event.

Unlock 2021 PXM Champions Awards presents 5 awards for Akeneo Enterprise and Community Edition customers across a wide range of achievements.

  • The Accelerator Award is awarded to the company that best utilised PIM to develop a new product offering.
  • The Expansion Award is awarded to the company that best utilised PIM to open up a new sales channel.
  • The Global Award is awarded to the company that best utilised PIM to enter a new geographical market.
  • The Leadership Award is awarded to the company that best used PIM to activate the potential of their team.
  • The Experience Award is awarded to the company that best utilised PIM to unlock a compelling product experience.

Induxx has a chance to win three different awards based on several relevant cases it submitted.

More about our submissions

The collaboration with AGU for the Global Award

Using Akeneo PIM (EE 4.0 PAAS), AGU now delivers the right product information at the right time to the right channel. This is now also done towards new market areas like Germany and the Scandinavian countries, using different channels like website, market places, social media and a B2B order portal.

The collaboration with Signify for the Experience Award

Thanks to Akeneo PIM (EE 4.0 PAAS) Light Gallery (part of Signify) was able to implement digital screens in their shops to provide an optimal product experience.

The collaboration with Multipharma for the Leadership Award

Automating what can be automated, that was the goal and now the result. By using Akeneo PIM (EE 4.0 PAAS), the Master Data Management team can now focus more on activating new products, supporting their pharmacies, optimising their pricing… The e-commerce team can now focus on creating marketing content without sharing intellectual rights with competitors (which was previously the case).

Induxx has achieved concrete success in each of the above collaborations. We therefore hope that our customers’ success stories will be recognised and pick up an award.

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