Akeneo PIM

Product Information Management is a tool to manage your product catalogue and which centralises all product information.

By product information, we mean technical descriptions, product properties, sales & marketing info, SEO, images & videos, manuals, etc. It also helps you manage your translations in a more transparent way. Bolster your commercial staff by providing them with the right tools. A PIM solution ensures that your employees can supply high-quality, accurate and consistent product information, and do so in a very user-friendly manner.

We only want the best for you and your customers. That’s why we always choose Akeneo PIM.

PIM for brands

It is rare that you can send a single product information set to several required parties. This could be retailers, wholesalers, your own ERP system, your e-commerce channels. We help you keep your product data accurate and organised. One of the ways we do this is by using Akeneo PIM. This powerhouse enables you to process a bulk of information quickly and easily. This way, you avoid manual, repetitive tasks and reduce the chance of errors. Beyond this, your employees also gain a lot of time to concentrate on other commercial tasks.


  • Central product information management
  • Easy creation of high-quality product data
  • Easy validation and distribution of product information on various channels


  • Centralise your product information
  • Distribute product data across all your channels
  • Easy onboarding of new and existing suppliers
  • More than 200 languages allow you to switch and collaborate worldwide
  • An acceleration in your time-to-market process

PIM for retail

We consistently choose Akeneo PIM because of its tried and tested high performance and reliability. Akeneo processes large amounts of product data effortlessly, including hundreds of thousands of products, each with a variety of attributes and assets. In addition to that, Akeneo helps organise product information and create the right catalogues for your omni-channel strategy. These are sure to lead to great customer experiences.

PIM and data quality

PIM is the central source of product information where all data is consolidated. It makes product data more accessible to its users and contributes to better data consistency and data quality across all channels.

Shared Catalogs

Shared Catalogs improves cooperation with your external and internal stakeholders by sharing the latest product information from Akeneo PIM through a secure portal. Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition is a requirement to use this feature.


Akeneo Onboarder is a new product that complements Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition and enables suppliers to provide product information directly to the retailer for streamlined processing in Akeneo PIM.

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