Akeneo PIM: the central source for product information

The ever-increasing demands from customers in terms of product data make increasing efficiency within product management essential. Akeneo’s Product Information Management (PIM) system provides the ideal solution for overcoming the challenges associated with dispersed product information.

By creating a centralized ‘single source of truth’, Akeneo PIM eliminates the dependency on multiple Excel files and simplifies complex processes of supplier data, attribute management and workflow coordination within one clear platform.

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Why Akeneo PIM with Induxx?


Induxx has a dedicated support team with guaranteed response times and various escalation options (SLA)


Unique off the shelf Akeneo PIM apps by Induxx are available for advanced functionalities, even for Community Edition users


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As an Akeneo Silver Partner, Induxx offers unparalleled experience and technical knowledge


Induxx’s approach is tailored to your specific needs and objectives

Benefits of Akeneo PIM

How does Akeneo PIM score better than other PIM systems?

  • Set up data flows: efficient data management from suppliers to end customers for a faster time-to-market
  • Automated Workflows: Improve efficiency and reduce the chance of errors.
  • Ease of use: An intuitive user interface makes managing product information simple and accessible.
  • Adaptability: Unlimited possibilities for customization thanks to a rich app store and open API.
  • Extensive Filtering Options: The time needed to find and edit data is significantly reduced.
  • Insightful Reporting: assess the quality of your product information and improve and ensure high standards.
  • Marketing friendly: streamline and manage product information easily and strengthen your marketing across various channels.
  • Shared Catalogs: easier to share data with internal and external stakeholders through a secure portal.
  • Translation and Enrichment:  of product information and assets across channels.

Discover the ideal Akeneo PIM project

Tailored to your wishes and needs

At Induxx we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and objectives. That is why we approach every project with a tailor-made strategy. Choose Induxx and experience the perfect combination of technical expertise, customer-oriented service and tailor-made PIM Akeneo solutions that will take your company to new heights.

1 Takeover of Akeneo projects

Are you already integrated into the Akeneo ecosystem and are you looking for a partner that offers more customized solutions or superior support? We understand that you are looking for a smooth transfer and improved operation of your existing systems, without significantly disrupting the current operation. Our team provides seamless migration and optimization of your current Akeneo projects, using our expertise to enrich and personalize the PIM experience.

2 New Akeneo projects

Are you at the starting line of your PIM journey and considering Akeneo as your platform? Let Induxx guide you by highlighting the advantages that Akeneo offers over other PIM systems.  We focus on the unique benefits of Akeneo PIM, such as its user-friendliness, flexibility, performance and powerful integration capabilities, to ensure you make an informed decision that will benefit your business in both the short and long term

3 Extension with apps

For existing Akeneo users who want to expand their platform and take it to new heights, Induxx offers a wide range of extensions & apps that have been specially developed to increase the functionality of your Akeneo PIM environment. Whether you need additional features, want to streamline workflows or explore new integration options, our apps provide the perfect solutions to take your PIM system to the next level.

Optimize, organize and excel with Akeneo PIM

As an established brand, you usually have several sets of product information for different stakeholders. Think of retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, your ERP system and various e-commerce channels… Different partners require different types of information.

With a PIM-systeem you have the opportunity to centralize your product information. The ability to work with labels ensures that you easily and accurately share the correct information with the various parties. An excellent product catalog with Akeneo PIM

Facilitate your customers and employees better with Akeneo PIM for your product catalogue. With PIM you can efficiently manage all your product information: technical descriptions, product features, sales & marketing information, SEO, images, manuals… Especially when you work with large amounts of product data, Akeneo PIM is indispensable!

In addition to centralization, the Akeneo PIM platform helps with more accurate data. Because you can automate more, there is less chance of manual errors. Plus your employees have to spend less time on time-consuming, repetitive tasks. In addition, Akeneo PIM offers options to structure data based on your specific needs. There are also translation and integration options.

We are proud to be Akeneo specialists forbusiness implementation and technical integration. It is a recognition of our high level of Akeneo expertise.

Akeneo technical integration specialist
Akeneo certified business implementation

Akeneo PIM as an indispensable link for e-commerce

Akeneo PIM effortlessly processes large amounts of product information. The high performance and reliability make it an absolute asset for your e-commerce. It makes product management easy. You can easily place assets with the right products and you can also integrate the variety of attributes into the system without difficulty.

This ensures that Akeneo PIM is an indispensable asset for a successful omnichannel strategy. You generate the correct product catalogs per channel in a user-friendly manner. On the one hand, this makes it easy for your employees. On the other hand, you ensure great customer experiences. In short: an absolute win-win for your business!

Akeneo PIM editions for every need

Discover the right Akeneo edition for your company with Induxx and take your product information management to the next level.

Akeneo Community Edition

This free version is ideal for smaller organizations with basic PIM needs. Induxx distinguishes itself by also making apps available to C users, which offers unique added value.

Akeneo Enterprise Edition

For larger organizations with more complex requirements, this edition offers advanced functionalities such as extended access rights, asset management, customized import/export options, a rules engine, and Product Experience Management (PXM).

Akeneo Growth Edition

A SaaS option that offers an intermediate solution with some Community functionalities for growing companies that need more than the Community Edition, but are not yet ready for the full Enterprise Edition.

Curious which Akeneo PIM edition is the perfect match for your company?

A selection of our PIM achievements

Be inspired by our successful implementations.

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Shortened time-to-market for Multipharma.

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Time savings and efficiency for Xandres.

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Intuitive and central data management for Telenet.

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Unique: Akeneo customized PIM applications

At Induxx we develop applications to expand your Akeneo PIM system. Our focus is on applications to other e-commerce systems, print software and other Akeneo modules.

Discover more about our Akeneo applications.

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