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Who is Multipharma?

Multipharma strengthens the role of the pharmacist in health care, advises and continues to improve its services. It puts its customers first, relying on the strength of its network of 270 pharmacies and the synergy of its 1700 staff.

Besides its own pharmacies, Multipharma also supplies products to B2B customers from its own wholesale distribution warehouse.

Data management challenges

Previous solutions suffered from various problems, including poor performance, a lack of solutions for specific questions, insufficient user-friendliness of the user interface…

In addition, it was very difficult to detect and register errors and other problems in the process flow. Multipharma started looking for an application (centralized SSOT) where they could centrally manage and filter their product range.

Why Akeneo PIM for Multipharma?

Multipharma was looking for a user-friendly and centralised solution, an issue to which Akeneo PIM offers more than sufficient answers. In addition, the open-source character and the guarantee of quality data were important surpluses.

The trajectory

First, we listed the products that would be added to the product range. Next, the automatic retrieval of the necessary external information (marketing, logistics, etc.) was implemented. We implemented about a hundred rules that help to set standard/derived values, transform or merge textual values, calculate margins, activate future prices at the right moment…

Since the arrival of Akeneo PIM, MDM and ECOM can work together within one PIM application to achieve optimal product experiences. Akeneo EE’s rights management played an important role here.

The current state of play

What could be automated, was automated. This means that the MDM team can now concentrate on creating new products and focus on supporting the pharmacies. Also, the ECOM team can now focus on content creation without having to share the intellectual rights with competitors, which was previously the case.

Induxx Akeneo Bundles

We implemented the Supplier/price bundle. This makes the import of supplier data easier and calculates in advance the price differences and margins between current and new data for validation. This way, large differences/divergences are noticed and filtered out in time.

We also added our Google sheet bundle. This enables copying and pasting of data fields whereby all data is validated via Akeneo’s system. In short, this bundle simplifies the enrichment of product data.

Our Mapping bundle edits daily generated export documents. Adding labels for categories/options, removing redundant columns, transforming values, using additional filters… is now easy to manage yourself and is done automatically once set up.

Finally, we added an Attribute specific delta product export option. This ensures that only changes – with self-specified product properties – are exported.

Specific wins for Multipharma

A direct result of Akeneo’s completeness system, product overview and management capabilities, is that products are now available faster.

In addition, the ECOM team collects, in a semi-automated way, the necessary external information and can define a ‘publish on website’ status. Both contribute to a faster time-to-market.

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