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In addition to its own products under the AGU name and those of sister brands Cordo and Fastrider, AGU distributes a wide range of cycling products, often on an exclusive basis. AGU supplies almost everything that can be bought in a bicycle shop, with the exception of complete bicycles.

From AGU’s warehouses, 25,000 different bicycle products are distributed to both B2B and B2C customers with a next-day shipment principle. This has earned them multiple nominations as ‘Supplier of the Year’.

You may also know AGU as the supplier of the Team Jumbo-Visma outfits.


Induxx also provided AGU with a customised demo. The user-friendliness of Akeneo PIM was clarified through product knowledge and several success stories, as well as its flexibility and simplicity.

The challenges of Data Enrichment Processes?

AGU wanted to enter new markets by, among other things, focusing on an omni-channel marketing strategy. However, the current product data management process proved too labour-intensive to feed the various marketing channels. This potentially includes the necessary repetition of data enrichment processes on different platforms, too little automation and therefore a lot of cutting and pasting.

The challenge to enrich product information only once and simultaneously generate content for different channels, was easily overcome with Akeno PIM.

Induxx could be counted on as a solution partner and integration partner.


  • AGU now serves new market areas in no time at all.
  • An ever-increasing number of enriched products are published through multiple channels (Marketplaces, AGU website, etc.) and lead to more revenue.
  •  The lead time for collecting and processing product data has been significantly reduced.
  • The enrichment tasks are clear and therefore easy to analyse and report to the necessary internal partners.


How Akeneo made a major breakthrough

Today, AGU deploys an omni-channel strategy to reach new markets, such as Germany and Scandinavia. Think of websites, marketplaces, social media and a B2B order portal.

Akeneo PIM enables AGU to deliver the right product information at the right time to the right channel and helps to quickly reach these new markets.

In order to optimise the data enrichments, more than (20+) rules were established to be able to merge different attribute values depending on different conditions such as brand, target group, etc.

In addition to establishing these rules, Induxx provided a B2B product description generator. In combination with Akeneo’s standard export capabilities, this automates the ordering process on AGU’s B2B portal.

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