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About Telenet

Telenet is a Belgian telecommunications company committed to always being one step ahead. Based in Mechelen, the company is the Flemish counterpart of the Walloon VOO. It is also the main sponsor of KV Mechelen and basketball club Antwerp Giants.

At Telenet, it’s all about digital. They help companies, large and small, to stay ahead in these digital times. A motto we can fully identify with. We are therefore very proud of our cooperation with this digital innovator.

From multiple data entries and locations to central data management

Before the entry of PIM, Telenet worked with multiple product data entries and locations. One for simple product data specifications, another to manage combination prices when in relation to other products/promos/bundles, a separate images database, yet another system to prepare the data to price cards for the stores …

We harnessed the power of Akeneo PIM and turned the various puzzle pieces into one logical data management whole.

Wins after the PIM implementation

  • Smoothly provision new branded websites with rich product data
  • Transparent management of more complex promos and joint offers for appliance sales
  • A performant and intuitive to use product data platform

Product data management challenges

  • Product portfolio management across channels: multiple web shops, offline retail channels, …
  • Managing more complex promos and joint offers in a smooth way.
  • For example, a smartphone at Base is also sold at Telenet, but not all Telenet devices are sold at Base.
  • Provide multiple brands such as Base, Base Soho, Telenet business, etc with the latest rich product data.

The PIM process towards central product data management

We set up a logical and structured data structure in the new PIM system from which the Telenet Business webshop could then be fed. The branded Base website and Base soho branded websites were next in line.

Soon, Telenet residential and Telenet soho will also be able to benefit from up-to-date PIM data. Telenet uses PIM not only to manage standalone products, specifications and classification. The relationship between prices and subscriptions are also managed in PIM at an early stage. The price of a device varies based on subscription choice and target group.

We advised Telenet to use the association amounts feature extended by Induxx to manage the relationships and varying prices in a user-friendly way.

PIM also controls retail channels such as physical stores. Here it was important that price tags could be generated directly from the PIM system.

For this, Telenet uses Induxx’s PDF Generator module to automatically generate multi-page PDFs from PIM.

In addition to integration with Fusion ERP and Adobe’s AEM/Magento applications, Telenet will systematically integrate more applications with Akeneo PIM in the near future. An integration with Dynamics 365 for store checkouts is on the agenda as the next step. Telenet’s order entry system for product data and product relationships is next on the agenda.

As a technology party, Telenet is constantly looking to further optimize the operation of their Akeneo PIM application, which makes them a valuable partner. We look forward to these further collaborations.

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