Seamless takeover of your current Akeneo PIM environment

Are you already using Akeneo PIM and looking for a partner to provide you with a customised solution or professional support? We understand that you are looking for a smooth transfer and improvements to your existing environment, without disrupting current operations.

Our team combines a seamless transfer with optimisation of your current Akeneo environment, using our expertise to further optimise your Akeneo PIM setup.

Akeneo Silver partner
Akeneo technical integration specialist
Akeneo certified business implementation

Why Akeneo PIM with Induxx?


Induxx has a dedicated support team with guaranteed response times and various escalation options (SLA)


Unique off the shelf Akeneo PIM apps by Induxx are available for advanced functionalities, even for Community Edition users


The only full-focus Akeneo partner in Benelux


As an Akeneo Silver Partner, Induxx offers unparalleled experience and technical knowledge


Induxx’s approach is tailored to your specific needs and objectives

Choosing the right partner to integrate and optimise your Product Information Management (PIM) system within the Akeneo ecosystem is crucial to the success of your digital transformation. Induxx stands out as the ideal partner for companies looking for customised solutions and superior support for their Akeneo PIM environment.

Customised solutions to suit your needs

Induxx understands that every company is unique and has specific requirements for their PIM system. Therefore, we offer customised solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs, allowing you to get maximum value from your Akeneo PIM system. Whether it’s complex integrations with other systems, developing specific functionalities, or improving the user experience, our team has the expertise to take your environment to the next level.

Superior support for a smooth handover

Our team of experts not only offers technical skills but understands better than anyone the importance of a smooth handover and improvements to your existing systems. We ensure that the transfer and optimisation of your current Akeneo PIM project is seamless, without disrupting the progress of your daily operations. Our proactive support and dedicated service ensure that any challenges are addressed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what really matters to your business.

We are proud to be Akeneo specialists for business implementation technical integration. It is a recognition of our high level of Akeneo expertise.

Akeneo technical integration specialist
Akeneo certified business implementation

Enriched and personalised PIM experience

At Induxx, we believe that a PIM system is more than just a data management tool; it is a crucial part of your digital ecosystem that should contribute to the overall business strategy. Our team uses its expertise not only to optimise your PIM system, but also to enrich and customise it according to your business objectives. This results in improved efficiency, better collaboration between teams and increased consistency in your product information, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.

Long-term partnership for continuous improvement

Induxx is committed to building a long-term relationship with our customers, constantly striving to improve and innovate your PIM solutions. We understand that your company’s needs may change and we are committed to supporting you every step of your growth. Our goal is to be a partner that not only responds to your current needs but also anticipates future challenges and opportunities.

Induxx: your stategic partner

Induxx is more than a service provider; we are your strategic partner in achieving your digital transformation. By choosing Induxx, you are choosing a partner committed to your success, with a focus on delivering customised solutions, superior support, and an enriched PIM experience. Let’s work together to optimise your Akeneo PIM environment and take your business to new heights.

A selection of our PIM achievements

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Smoother product data management for AGU

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Shortened time-to-market for Multipharma.

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Time savings and efficiency for Xandres.

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Intuitive and central data management for Telenet.

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Unique: Akeneo customized PIM applications

At Induxx we develop applications to expand your Akeneo PIM system. Our focus is on applications to other e-commerce systems, print software and other Akeneo modules.

Discover more about our Akeneo applications.

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