Growth through Shared Catalogs & Onboarder


Creating strong, dynamic product experiences is not something you can easily set up yourself. However, we are happy to help you. Discover in this blog how our connectors can help you grow effectively.

Most brands have a solid list of business partners. Just like you, they need to deliver great product experiences based on accurate, consistent and compelling product information.

Without a central tool to collaborate with external partners such as suppliers, retailers, your sales staff or customer care personnel, you can end up with inaccurate, outdated and/or incorrect product data reaching your customers. When this happens, you are left with inaccurate product data and slow enrichment processes, which leads to poor product experiences, higher costs and lower revenue.

The necessary space.

Shared Catalogs and Onboarder offer you the possibility to exchange and enrich data securely. They are designed to make it easier than ever for you to collaborate to create engaging product experiences, reduce enrichment costs and increase revenue.

Shared Catalogs, seamless data exchange.

Managing product data is often a challenge for brands and manufacturers. Especially when it comes to sharing data with retail and distribution partners. Akeneo Shared Catalogs is designed to help your organisation meet these challenges.

Shared Catalogs allows your team to share specific product data and assets with selected partners through a personalised and secure portal. This provides your retail and distribution partners with a fast and easy way to access product information, including digital assets – directly at your request through an easy-to-use, flexible and browser-based interface.

The portal is also equipped with search functions, so your partners can easily find what they need and export it on demand. It also gives your team more control over who has access to your product catalogue. This means that retail and distribution partners only have access to the information they need.

The result? Increased productivity and collaboration with external partners, on-demand access to your product information and improved quality and accuracy of product data on your partners’ sales channels. This leads to better product experience, higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty for your brand.

Shared Catalogs, for accurate, consistent data.

Shared catalogs allow your internal organisation, such as sales, marketing-, and customer service departments, to use a flexible and easy-to-use interface and have access to the latest product information. It gives product managers more control over access to a shared product catalogue, making collaboration even easier to manage.

Akeneo Shared Catalogs contributes to a faster time-to-market, reduced enrichment costs and improved product data accuracy. This translates into more sales days for your team, better product experiences for your customers and higher revenues for your organisation.


Naturally, brands and retailers do not only share product data between internal departments. They also communicate with external partners such as suppliers. Akeneo Onboarder is there for everyone. It helps retailers, distributors, multichannel brands, discreet manufacturers, and anyone who is looking to improve workflow with suppliers.

Akeneo Onboarder offers a special browser-based interface and gives your vendors a quick and easy overview of what information they need to provide. Your vendors can then review and approve this new data. Once approved, the data is automatically entered into the vendor’s Akeneo PIM instance without the need to manually enter data or map attributes.

Onboarder, simplified processes for supplier information

Oboarder provides an interface for managing suppliers, assessing and accepting the products they offer and the information they provide. This enables you to establish better relationships with your suppliers, enjoy faster time-to-market, improved accuracy and consistency of product data, and increased sales.

It is necessary to be able to share information with business partners easily and efficiently. We help you set up and link Shared Catalogs and/or Akeneo Onboarder so you can easily communicate with your business partners.

We guide you towards more efficient enrichment, greater product data accuracy and better product experiences for your customers. When we connect Shared Catalogs and Onboarder to your Akeneo PIM you have control over your product experience which leads to lower enrichment costs, lower return rates, higher conversions, and higher revenues.

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