Akeneo app: Overwrite

What does the Overwrite App for Akeneo do?

The Overwrite App from Induxx gives you the ability to adjust basic data, such as ERP data, by selecting an ‘allow overwrite’ checkbox for certain properties. This feature allows you to change the main data at product level as needed, so that you can always present the most current and relevant product information.

Benefits of the Akeneo Overwrite App

  • Flexibility in Data Management: Adjust ERP data at the product level when necessary.
  • Control over Product Information: Maintain full control over what product information is updated or retained.
  • Simple Integration: Work seamlessly with your existing ERP system without complex configurations.
  • User-friendly: A clear and intuitive interface makes it easy to use the app, even without a technical background.
  • Respond instantly: Adjust your product information based on real-time market changes or customer feedback.
  • Support marketing strategies: Quickly implement marketing-oriented adjustments to your product descriptions or specifications to boost sales.
  • Correct errors: Immediately correct any errors or inconsistencies in your product data, without waiting for updates from your ERP system.

How does Akeneo Overwrite App work?

With the Overwrite App you can effectively control which product data is transferred from your ERP system to Akeneo PIM and which data is retained, ensuring optimal accuracy and relevance of product information.

  1. Determine the Overwrite Policy:
    • You need three properties for a single overwrite policy: a source attribute (the ERP data you want to be able to overwrite), a target attribute (where the data should be copied), and an overwrite toggle (a yes/no box to determine whether the data need to be overwritten).
  2. Set the Properties in Akeneo PIM:
    • Define at least one source attribute, which is usually an ERP value that you want to be able to adjust.
      Set two attributes in Akeneo PIM: the override Boolean (yes/no) attribute and the target attribute, which must be of the same type as your source attribute.
  3. Create and Configure an Overwrite Task:
    • Go to ‘Tasks’ within the app and create a new overwrite task with a suitable name.
    • Edit your job by setting your policy as described, making sure you configure the source, target and override toggle correctly.
      Save your configuration.
  4. Complete the Task:
    • Start the process by clicking ‘Run’. This initiates a manual operation that starts the overwrite process, allowing you to adjust or retain source attribute values ​​based on your settings.

Take Control of Your Product Data with the Overwrite App and Akeneo PIM

Imagine having the flexibility to adjust your products’ data on the fly, even if it comes from a fixed system such as an ERP. That is exactly what the Overwrite App from Induxx makes possible for you. With this app you regain control over your product information, so that you can quickly respond to changes in the market or within your range.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce and product management, it is essential to keep your product data current and accurate. But what if the data you receive from your suppliers or from your ERP system does not quite match how you want to present your products? The Overwrite App offers a solution by allowing you to overwrite this data where necessary, without losing the integrity of your original data.

This means you can make temporary changes, such as promotion descriptions, seasonal updates or special offers, without worrying about affecting your main dates. Once the action is over, simply disable the overwrite function, and everything will return to its original state.

With the Overwrite App you are no longer limited by the rigidity of your basic systems. You get the freedom to optimize your product presentations and ensure that you always offer the most attractive and accurate information to your customers. This is your opportunity to customize the presentation of your products and distinguish yourself in the market.

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