Magento 2 Integration Bundle by Induxx

Managing Magento 2 products has never been easier

Magento is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform. You use it to create your online store with all its functionalities. On the other hand, you have the specialized software of Akeneo PIM to manage and organize your product information. At Induxx, we have designed an application that provides seamless integration of the Akeneo software with the Magento platform.

The Magento 2 seamless integration application connects your webshop with your Akeneo Pim system. When your online PIM catalog in Akeneo is set up correctly, the connector ensures that all this information is smoothly pushed to your Magento webshop.

Pushing is done via standard API endpoints. These are a set of rules, protocols and tools that allow different software applications to communicate with each other.

The advantages of a seamless integration of the product information in your Magento webshop

  • Consistent product information: the information is pushed from Akeneo PIM to your Magento 2 webshop. As a result, all product information across your various channels is always consistent and accurate.
  • User-friendly: The automatic link saves time. Plus, because you no longer enter data manually, you have less chance of incorrect product information.
  • Scalability: even with a growing number of customers, the system continues to function smoothly.
  • Optimization of stock management: the API connector automatically updates stocks, so you always have an accurate view of available stock.
  • Customer satisfaction: accurate product information increases trust with your customers. This has a positive effect on satisfaction.

How does the Akeneo Magento connector work?

The app is very easy to use.

The connector starts from your PIM system. Via API endpoints, we provide an automatic connection to your Magento e-commerce. When your catalog in Akeneo meets all the requirements, the connector does the rest.

The configuration and logging of your data is done entirely from Akeneo. Thus, no further Magento interventions are required. The result: a seamless integration between both systems.

Wondering what our Magento 2 seamless integration app can do for you?

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