Akeneo app: GS1 connector

What does the GS1 connector do for Akeneo?

The GS1 connector is a powerful tool designed to connect your product catalog in Akeneo PIM to the GS1 standards, simplifying communication with data pools and trading partners. This connector allows you to map Akeneo attributes and values ​​to GS1 accepted values, which is crucial for the exchange of product information within the supply chain.

Benefits of our GS1 connector for Akeneo

  • Enables smooth integration between Akeneo PIM and GS1 data pools, streamlining product data exchange.
  • Provides flexible mapping capabilities, allowing Akeneo attributes and values ​​to be converted into GS1-accepted formats.
  • Supports various attribute types, including simple selections and metrics, allowing a wide range of product information to be conveyed.

How does the GS1 connector Akeneo app work?

This connector ensures efficient and streamlined exchange of product information, making it easier for companies to comply with industry standards and requirements

  • The connector uses two main commands: the daily delta exporter and the data pool message receiver. The first generates initial CIN messages, while the second exchanges messages between Akeneo PIM and the data pool.
  • For the delta export, all modified products that meet certain conditions are generated in XML documents and sent to the data pool. This export is scheduled via a cron job.
  • The message receiver handles interactions with the data pool, produces CIP messages upon acceptance of CIP documents, and maintains the current state of the product messaging process.

Streamline your Supply Chain with the GS1 connector and Akeneo PIM

Dive into the world of GS1 standards with the GS1 Connector and discover how easy it is to link your product data in Akeneo PIM to global standards. This tool makes managing your product information not only easier, but also more efficient. You’ll be amazed at how seamless and streamlined the exchange of information with trading partners and data pools can be, future-proofing your business.

The GS1 Connector offers a unique opportunity to optimize your supply chain. By seamlessly aligning your product data with GS1 standards, you open the door to a world of efficiency and collaboration with trading partners. This approach not only reduces the chance of errors, but also increases the visibility and traceability of your products throughout the chain. A streamlined supply chain means satisfied customers and a stronger business.

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