Akeneo app: Bynder

What does the Bynder App for Akeneo do?

The Bynder App integrates Bynder’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Akeneo’s Product Information Management (PIM), creating a unified workflow for managing both product information and digital assets. The app makes it easy to enrich assets in Bynder with product data from Akeneo and provides an overview of the operations performed. Tasks within the app can be performed manually or automatically for efficient synchronization.

Benefits of our Akeneo Bynder App

  • Seamless integration between Bynder DAM and Akeneo PIM.
  • Efficient management of both product information and digital assets.Automatic synchronization of product data with asset metadata.
    Possibility to create various tasks for asset management.
  • Possibility to create various tasks for asset management.

How does the Akeneo Bynder App work?

The Bynder App connects Bynder’s Digital Asset Management system with Akeneo PIM, allowing you to import digital assets directly from Bynder and store them in Akeneo. You can also enrich the asset metadata in Bynder by synchronizing product data from Akeneo. This process is managed by creating and executing tasks within the app, providing a streamlined workflow for your digital assets.

  • Set up the app via the dashboard and make the necessary configurations.
  • Create tasks to import, enrich and synchronize assets.
  • Perform tasks manually or automatically for streamlined digital asset management.

Enrich your Product Management with the Bynder App and Akeneo PIM

Discover the power of seamless integration with the Bynder App, which bridges the gap between your digital assets and product information. This app allows you to sync, enrich and manage your media assets with ease, taking the presentation of your products to the next level.

Managing your digital content has never been easier and more efficient, with all the tools you need at your fingertips in Akeneo PIM. Dive into the world of streamlined workflows and ensure your products are always accompanied by the perfect images and media, perfectly tailored to your marketing and sales strategies. Contribute to a more attractive presentation and better findability of your products online.

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