Akeneo App: Barcode Generator

What does the Barcode Generator do for Akeneo?

The Barcode Generator App from Induxx is your handy tool for automatically generating barcode images. Do you have a product with an EAN code in Akeneo PIM? This app converts that code into a barcode image (JPG or PNG) and places it directly in your Akeneo system, for example as an image attribute or in an asset collection. This way you always have the correct barcode at hand for every product.

Benefits of our Akeneo Barcode Generator

  • Automation: Convert EAN codes into barcodes without manual work.
  • Efficiency: Save time by automatically generating and updating barcodes.
  • Accuracy: Reduce errors by eliminating manual input.
  • Convenience: View and use barcodes directly from Akeneo PIM.
  • Customizability: Choose the color and size of your barcode images for a uniform look.

How does the Barcode Generator for Akeneo work?

With the Barcode Generator App you ensure that your products always have the correct barcode, ready for use in your sales channels, warehouses or in retail.

Make sure you have a text attribute for the EAN code of your products and an empty image attribute for the barcode image.

  1. Create a Task:
    Go to ‘Tasks’ in the app and create a new task for generating barcodes.
  2. Configure your Task:
    Edit your job by choosing the EAN code attribute as source and select where you want to save the generated barcode image in Akeneo PIM.
  3. Customize:
    Choose your barcode color for consistent branding.
  4. Save and Run:
    Save your configuration and run the task to generate the barcodes.
  5. View the Results:
    Go to the ‘History’ to see which products have received a new barcode image.

Optimize Your Inventory Management with the Akeneo app, Barcode Generator

If you deal with product management and logistics on a daily basis, you know how crucial it is to have an efficient inventory system. Barcodes play a key role in this, as they not only save time when scanning products, but also significantly increase the accuracy of inventory management. With the Barcode Generator App from Induxx you can make it even easier for yourself.

Imagine no longer having to spend time manually creating or updating barcodes. The Barcode Generator App takes this task completely off your hands by automatically generating barcodes based on the EAN codes of your products in Akeneo PIM. These barcodes are stored directly as images with your products, ready for use in your warehouse, in your store, or on your product packaging.

The benefits are clear: fewer errors, faster product processing and streamlined collaboration between your sales, warehouse and marketing teams. Whether you’re receiving new stock, picking orders, or updating product information, the Barcode Generator App ensures that every step in the process runs more smoothly.

Take the step towards more efficient inventory management today with the Barcode Generator App. This way you have more time for what is really important: offering your customers the best service.

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