Akeneo app: Metric prefix bundle

What does the Metric prefix bundle for Akeneo do?

The Metric Prefix Bundle is a useful addition to your Akeneo PIM project that allows you to manage metric attributes, such as weights and dimensions, more efficiently. This bundle allows you to add prefixes such as kilos, milli, or centi to your units of measurement, so you can specify product data even more precisely.

Benefits of our Akeneo Metric prefix bundle

  • Makes it easy to add metric operators like ‘kilo’, ‘milli’, etc. to your product attributes.
  • Simplifies importing and exporting product data with metric attributes.
  • Provides flexibility in how metric values ​​are displayed and exported, with the ability to customize formatting.

How does the Metric prefix bundle Akeneo app work?

The Metric Prefix Bundle works by adding an extra dimension to the way you manage metrics in Akeneo PIM. Integrating operators such as ‘kilo’ or ‘milli’ into your product attributes greatly simplifies the specification of product dimensions and weights.

  • Once installed, you can manage metric operators via a dedicated ‘operators’ attribute.
  • When importing products, simply add an operator to a metric attribute using Akeneo’s standard product or product model importers.
  • When exporting products, you can specify how each metric attribute should appear in the export, depending on the format you choose.

Optimize your product data with the Metric brefix Bundle and Akeneo PIM

Immerse yourself in the capabilities of the Metric Prefix Bundle and make managing your product data a breeze. Imagine being able to add accurate measurements to your products with just a few clicks, increasing the quality and reliability of your product information. This tool is a must-have for anyone who strives for precision and efficiency in their product management.

Boost your product management with the Metric Prefix Bundle, an essential tool for anyone working with product dimensions and weights in Akeneo PIM. This bundle makes it easier than ever to enrich and standardize your product data so you can communicate with partners and customers with complete confidence. Switch to a streamlined approach to your product information management today.

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