Akeneo app: DeepL

Automatic translation service for your Akeneo PIM system

Induxx developed a DeepL API to integrate your Akeneo PIM system with this online translation service. DeepL uses neural networks for translations making them often highly accurate.

Through the DeepL API of Induxx you can now easily translate your product information into multiple languages. Through the application you can translate texts and text areas, but also, for example, all your different labels. It is easy to use and ensures consistent translations in your PIM system.

The advantages of our Akeneo DeepL app

  • Accurate translations: you extend the reach of your e-commerce by offering products in multiple languages.
  • Time savings: the translations run automatically. This ensures time and cost savings.
  • Real-time: as soon as you enter your product information in one language, it is immediately available in all other desired languages.
  • Better customer service: customers like to be served in their native language.

How does the Akeneo DeepL application work?

The DeepL API is very easy to use:

  • You integrate the DeepL app into your PIM system.
  • Select your source and destination languages.
  • Select which text, text area attributes and labels you want to translate.
  • Enter the translate command.

The result: the information in your PIM system gets an accurate and consistent translation in all your selected destination languages.

Do you offer product information in several languages and want to automate this process? Save on translation and operational costs: connect Induxx’s DeepL application with your PIM system.

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