Akeneo app: Meta Generator

What does the Meta Generator for Akeneo do?

Induxx’s Meta Generator App automatically generates metadata for images in Akeneo PIM and stores it in a separate attribute. This simplifies image data management.

Benefits of our Akeneo Meta Generator

  • Automatic generation of metadata from images.
  • Storage of metadata in a separate Akeneo attribute. 
  • Simplifying image data management.

How does the Akeneo Meta Generator work?

The Meta Generator App from Induxx automatically generates metadata from images in Akeneo PIM and stores it in a separate attribute.

  • Configure settings via the dashboard.
  • View operations to monitor task execution.
  • Create tasks for manual or automatic execution of metadata generation.

Unlock the power of metadata with the Meta Generator App and Akeneo PIM

The Meta Generator App transforms the way you work with images in Akeneo PIM. By automatically extracting and storing valuable metadata, you increase the value and usefulness of every image in your database. This tool allows you to go beyond the basics by seeing your images not just as visual elements, but as carriers of crucial information that can improve the discoverability and organization of your products.

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