Akeneo app: Magento API connector

What does the Magento API connector for Akeneo do?

With the Magento API connector you can easily manage and export all products and product catalog to a Magento 2 e-commerce environment. This is possible thanks to our connector that creates a seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Magento Commerce.

If you ensure that your catalog meets the requirements of the Akeneo environment, the connector will do the rest. This automatically sends all product-related data from Magento to Akeneo. Read: the connector simplifies your product management!

The benefits of our Akeneo Magento API Connector 

  • Consistent product data: You can effortlessly export all information in your PIM system to your Magento system. This reduces manual data entry to a minimum, allowing you to offer correct, unambiguous product information.
  • Fast and simple: Time-consuming processes – such as manually entering product data – are a thing of the past. The automated connector saves you time and effort.
  • Operational efficiency: When your catalog is correct in your PIM system, you automatically integrate it into your Magento webshop. Result: your product data is always up to date.
  • Scalable: It is a scalable connector. When your company grows and your customer base increases, the application grows with it.

How does the Akeneo Magento API connector work?

The app is very easy to use.

Below you will find a selection of specs of the connector:

  • 100% integrated into Akeneo PIM.
    The data responsibility lies 100% within Akeneo PIM.
  • No middleware required, which avoids additional costs (hosting, maintenance, etc.) and risks (specific to an extra server).
  • Little to no Magento 2 knowledge required.
  • Multiple websites/stores support.
  • Multiple domains support (easily control multiple Magento 2 domains from one Akeneo PIM instance).
  • Advanced personalization options in Magento 2 thanks to automatic creation of Akeneo status and meta attributes.
  • Smart product status flow with adjustable distinction between creation and update flows. No more products with 0 price!
  • Central overview of technical mappings between Akeneo PIM and Magento 2 with extensive filter options.
  • Optimal security thanks to the Induxx Credentials Manager bundle (no database storage, simple rotation options)Would you like to consult the full list of specs and benefits?

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