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Manual work, inconsistent information, hundreds of versions of Excel lists …. This is a thing of the past when you work with Akeneo PIM. It allows you to centrally manage all your product data.

We only want the best for you and your customers. That’s why we always choose Akeneo PIM.

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An outstanding product catalog with Akeneo PIM

Product Information Management (PIM) is a working tool/resource to manage your product catalog so that all your product information is centralized in one place.

Facilitate your customers and employees better with Akeneo PIM for your product catalog. With PIM  you efficiently manage all your product information: technical descriptions, product features, sales & marketing information, SEO, images, manuals … Especially when you work with large amounts of product data, Akeneo PIM is indispensable!

Manual work, inconsistent information, hundreds of versions of Excel lists …. This is a thing of the past when you work with Akeneo PIM. It allows you to centrally manage all your product data.

In addition to centralization, the Akeneo PIM platform helps with more accurate data. Because you can automate more, there is less chance of manual errors. Plus your employees have to deal with less time-consuming, repetitive tasks. In addition, Akeneo PIM offers opportunities to structure data based on your specific needs. There are also translation and integration capabilities.

We are proud to be Akeneo specialists for business implementation and technical integration. It is a recognition of our high level of Akeneo expertise. Wondering how we can make your PIM system a success story?

Optimize, organize and excel with your product information

As an established brand, you usually have several sets of product information for different stakeholders. Think retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, your ERP system and various e-commerce channels… Different partners require different types of info.

With Akeneo PIM, you have the ability to centralize your product information. The ability to work with labels ensures that you easily and accurately share the correct info with those different parties.

In addition, you eliminate repetitive tasks. There are many automation options in Akeneo PIM, making manual adjustments a thing of the past. Result: consistent and accurate product info without manual errors. An additional benefit is the time savings for your team so they can focus on other commercial tasks.


  • Central product information management
  • Easy creation of high-quality product data
  • Easy validation and distribution of product information on various channels


  • Centralise your product information
  • Distribute product data across all your channels
  • Easy onboarding of new and existing suppliers
  • More than 200 languages allow you to switch and collaborate worldwide
  • An acceleration in your time-to-market process

PIM as an indispensable link for e-commerce

Akeneo PIM effortlessly processes large amounts of product information. Its high performance and reliability make it an absolute asset for your e-commerce. It makes product management simple. Assets are easily placed with the right products and the variety of attributes can also be integrated into the system without difficulty.

This makes Akeneo PIM an indispensable asset for a successful omnichannel strategy. You generate the right product catalogs per channel in a user-friendly way. On the one hand, this makes it easy for your employees. On the other hand, you ensure great customer experiences. In short: an absolute win-win for your business!

Some of our PIM realizations

At Induxx, we are not at our experimental stage with Akeneo PIM. Get inspired by our successful implementations.

User-friendly customized product management for Light Gallery.

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Shortened time-to-market for Multipharma.

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Time savings and efficiency for Xandres.

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An intuitive and centralized data management for Telenet.

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Excellent data quality

Data is the digital gold. Because Akeneo PIM works with one central source of product information, you know that data quality and consistency across all channels is extremely accurate. This is how you make product data accessible to all users.

Convinced of the qualities of Akeneo PIM for your company?

Managing Shared Catalogs

Thanks to Akeneo PIM, you get better collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Through Shared Catalogs, you share the latest product information through a secure portal. To take advantage of this feature, choose the Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition.

Collaborate with suppliers via Onboarder

Collaborating with suppliers has never been easier with Akeneo Onboarder. It is a scalable and collaborative way to collect product data from suppliers. Afterwards you easily manage and enrich that info with additional info and assets.

Induxx custom applications

At Induxx, we develop applications to extend your Akeneo PIM system. Our focus is connectors and applications to other e-commerce systems, print software and other Akeneo modules.

Find out more about our Akeneo applications.

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