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Rising customer expectations, increasing competition and some technological changes are changing the e-commerce landscape. In order to compete and stay ahead, companies need to be on their guard. Continuing to adapt and innovate in new and often unpredictable ways.

What to do with Magento 1’s end of life?

Magento officially announced that they will stop offering support for Magento 1 on 1 June 2020. This means that no further security patches and fixes will be released and that they will fully focus on version 2. If you still wish to continue with the first version, your webshop will of course continue to exist. We don’t have to explain that this involves all manner of security risks.

Magento 1 migration tool

Induxx has developed an export tool that makes the data migration from Magento 1, via Akeneo, to another e-commerce platform possible. The tool is so well designed that almost every Magento 1 customer can use it. Data you have collected over the years is not easily lost. As far as we are concerned, this is the ideal solution to the end-of-life problem.

Akeneo PIM

The main advantage of a PIM is that it collects, manages, enriches and improves all your product information from one central place. As we mentioned above, it can collect data from several sources including Magento 1. You have one single source of truth, which increases efficiency and eliminates errors in product data.

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