Induxx is a GS1 partner


Induxx decided to become a GS1 Belgiulux partner and sent a number of people to the 3-day GS1 academy in order to better assist our customers with possible GS1 questions.

What is GS1 actually?

GS1 is an international non-profit organisation and NGO with local organisations in more than 110 countries. GS1 develops and implements global standards and solutions to optimise efficiency and visibility throughout the chain and across sectors. The GS1 standards system is the most widely used in the supply chain worldwide. For example, 6 billion scans are performed every day thanks to the GS1 barcode standard. In Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, GS1 is represented by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg (GS1 Belgilux). This organisation currently has more than 5,000 member companies and has partnerships with more than 40 technology and business solution providers. In 2007, GS1 Belgilux merged with ECR Belgium. ECR stands for Efficient Consumer Response, a neutral consultation platform for retailers and suppliers. The aim of the cooperation is to serve consumers better, faster, at a lower cost and in a sustainable way.

How does the GS1 system work?

The GS1 standards system is an integrated global system based on three pillars:

  • Identify: products, services and locations are identified using the GS1 identification keys (globally unique numbers).
  • Capture: the GS1 identification keys are displayed in a data carrier: a barcode (GS1 Barcodes) or a radio frequency tag (GS1 EPCglobal).
  • Share: data are shared with trading partners via the GS1 standards for electronic communication (GS1 eCom), the GS1 standards for data synchronisation (GS1 GDSN), the platform for reliable B2C data (GS1 Source) and the GS1 network for radio frequency identification (GS1 EPCIS).

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