SymfonyWorld Online 2020


As the driving force behind the PHP framework Symfony, SensioLabs organises Symfony conferences several times a year. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 several editions had to be cancelled. But not to worry, because on 3 and 4 December, their first 100% online conference ‘SymfonyWorld Online 2020’ saw the light of day. The Induxx developers were of course in the front row…

Day 1

On this first day of the conference, sessions around contributing to Symfony as well as their new tooling ‘Symfony UX’, soon to be released, were central. Furthermore, there was no lack of tips & tricks to build better console applications, an explanation of the DependencyInjection component… So something for everyone.

The sessions that our colleagues especially liked were ‘The Serializer Demystified’ and ‘Modern Security with Symfony’s Shiny new Security Component’. Both sessions dealt with very important and, for Induxx, highly relevant issues we often come across.

Day 2

Day 2 was not boring either with sessions like ‘Composer 2’, ‘The absolute beginner’s guide to Domain Driven Design’, ‘Internationalise your Symfony application the right way’ and the modern ‘HttpClient’.

The most relevant session for Induxx was entitled ‘Password Hashing’. It compared the most important hashing methods, explained which methods are the most secure and what the best practices are.

Finally, the latest PHP 8.0 version was also presented. The most important changes and their impact on our daily operations were explained in a clear manner.

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