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What does the Range attribute bundle do for Akeneo?

The Range Attribute Bundle is an extension for Akeneo PIM that allows you to create attributes that contain range values, such as a minimum and maximum value. This is especially useful for products where specifications may vary within a certain range, such as size, weight, or any other measurable property.

Benefits of our Range attribute bundle for Akeneo

  • Allows scope attributes to be defined, providing flexibility in product information.
  • Improves the accuracy of product data by establishing specific minimum and maximum values.
  • Facilitates search and filtering of products for users based on scope criteria.

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How does the Range attribute bundle Akeneo app work?

The Range Attribute Bundle in Akeneo PIM makes managing products with variable specifications easier and more intuitive. When adding product data, you can now set range values, such as minimum and maximum sizes or weights, with just a few clicks.

  • Create a new attribute in Akeneo and choose the type “metric range”.
  • On the product detail page, you can enter the minimum and maximum values, how much you want the values ​​to increase, and set the unit of measure, just like with standard metric attributes.
  • These new attributes with range values ​​will then appear on the product detail page, making your product information more detailed and specific.

Refine Your Product Presentation with Scope Attributes

Introducing scope attributes into your product catalog opens new doors to precision and clarity in the way you present your products. Imagine being able to offer customers not just the basic specifications, but the full scope of what each product has to offer. This approach not only increases customer confidence in their purchasing decisions, but also allows you to highlight your product offering in a more dynamic and informative way.

Immerse yourself in the possibilities of the Range Attribute Bundle and discover how to refine the specifications of your products. Whether you work in an industry where size is critical or weight varies, this bundle gives you the tools to specify your product information down to the last detail. By using reach attributes, you can clearly inform your customers about what to expect, which contributes to better customer satisfaction and confidence in your products.

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