Catalogue management with Akeneo


Catalogue management can involve a lot of complexity that has an impact on many departments within your company. So why would you still want to solve this difficult process with a simple spreadsheet program like Excel?

Time for the real thing

A PIM (Product Information Management) system is the perfect tool for all your catalogue management tasks. Adapt an entire product line at the press of a button? Custom accesses and rights for different types of employees? Not a problem at all! Easily translate your product descriptions into English or French? Of course, sans soucis ;-). Quickly export a selection of your products to various external platforms? In the blink of an eye.

How do we do this exactly with Akeneo?

Akeneo PIM is your toolbox for collecting, enriching and exporting your product info to quickly boost your omni-channel initiatives.

Gather data in an automated way from any source you choose. Akeneo allows you to integrate with any data source such as your ERP system, supplier portals, spreadsheets, CSV files, etc.

Enrich your product descriptions with marketing data, technical data and media files. Keep an overview of the completeness of your product info with the handy “completeness” widgets Akeneo offers.

Total freedom

Akeneo makes managing your product team so much easier.

Advanced rights management: Akeneo PIM gives you full control over the rights and roles of each user in the system. Whether they are internal employees or external freelancers, you decide what they can or cannot view or edit.

Workflows: Monitoring the quality of your content is crucial, but it is a huge job to do every enrichment on your own. That’s why Akeneo provides the opportunity to approve content, return for correction, etc… all thanks to the built-in workflow validation engine.

Teamwork assistant: enables your teams to manage themselves. Tasks to be performed are clearly displayed in an easy-to-use interface and personalised for each team member. This assistant will also send regular reminders when specific deadlines are approaching.

The advantages of the Asset Manager at a glance

A better product experience for all users
  • A quick and easy connection between your stored external assets and your stored assets in Akeneo.
  • With this functionality you can manage everything in a single place.
  • It saves you time by automatically linking assets to products.

Catalogue management made easy!

So why Akeneo?

  • Easy to learn and to use : With the extremely user-friendly Akeneo interface, your staff will spend much less time on training and more time on the product info.
  • Customisable to your needs : Every PIM project is as unique as the company that uses it. Customisation is therefore certainly possible on top of Akeneo. Induxx can be your ideal partner in this arena.
  • Streamlined workflows : From product entry and enrichment to full production of print catalogues, Akeneo will offer you the right tools to make this process run efficiently.
  • Easy integrations : In addition to the already existing integration plugins on the Akeneo marketplace that allow a plug&play connection, Induxx is eager to partner with you for every other integration with external systems.
  • Open Source : Given that Akeneo is Open Source, this allows you to adapt the product to your unique needs when required. Induxx has the necessary technical knowledge in its network to make this a success as well.

A data quality dashboard. Thanks to this clear dashboard, you can easily measure the quality of your data. It uses a sorting system that works on the basis of enrichment and consistency. The tool also gives you the option of filtering for one particular category or family.

Why NOT Akeneo?

The question is therefore not so much why you should use Akeneo but rather why NOT?

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