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Rob is a true foodies paradise. The 1400 m² shop offers a wide range of the best, freshest products from all regions and seasons. The employees are ready to provide professional advice from: 550 producers, 1500 organic products, 400 types of cheeses, 2200 wines, 200 champagnes and 300 whiskies.

Before introducing PIM, each department documented its products in separate Excel files. However, this blocked the day-to-day operations of keeping product data up-to-date. The ERP system could not be used for this either. In addition, they stumbled on the fact that images could not be stored optimally in such systems.

Rob was looking for a stable and intuitive system in which the various departments could work together on product enrichment. With Akeneo, the eCommerce Manager can easily maintain an overview of the workflow and statuses of the product information. Without a PIM system, it would not have been possible for Rob to start up an e-shop with 4000 products.


Before launching Magento, Rob decided to take his product information management in hand. They began the Akeneo implementation with another party but, due to minimal support, they switched to Induxx. After a trouble-free implementation trajectory of only 3 months, Rob quickly switched to the daily use of their PIM.

The smooth and intuitive functioning of this PIM system ensured quick training of all personnel responsible for product information: eCommerce Manager, four product specialists, copywriters and a marketeer.

Thanks to the PIMgento connection, the product information of 4000 products can easily be directed to the Magento e-shop. New ones will be added systematically in the coming years.


  • No overview – progress of product enrichment unclear
  • Poor product management cooperation between internal departments
  • Insufficient tools such as Excel and existing ERP solution


  • ‘One truth platform’ for product information
  • Possibility of setting up an e-shop to increase brand awareness and sales
  • A high-performance and intuitive platform that can also be used by staff with a non-technical background


The Rob team is very satisfied with Akeneo’s implementation. Without a PIM system, setting up an e-shop with 4000 products was simply not feasible. By the end of 2018, their goal is to expand the online offer with 2000 products. Managing the product information in Excel or in Magento itself would have taken much more time.

Since the start of the PIM/e-shop story, the number of visitors on the website has doubled. The customers find the same quality of product information through the different channels and soon Rob will start with the creation of producers data sheets. This will provide customers with even more quality product information.

The filter functionalities ensure that I can easily view the statuses of product enrichment across locales.

Caroline Van Den Borre, Rob The Gourmets’ Market

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