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Interior decoration with innovative technology, materials and design – that is what Orac Decor®is all about. A family company founded in 1970, where the drive for beautiful things is in the genes. For the last 50 years, they have passionately developed and produced decorative finishing products for the entire interior.

Where most people see a bare wall, they see a blank canvas. Orac Decor wants to stimulate creativity and inspire users to create special rooms that highlight their personality and character. Their products make this possible in a simple way thanks to easy installation, versatility and ease of use. From a functional skirting board to a distinctive cornice. Orac stands for complete creative liberty in line with your own style and personality.


Where was the sticking point?

Before Akeneo PIM came onto our radar, Orac Decor’s marketing team worked day in and day out to process and recycle product data. They came up against one major problem, namely the data being highly fragmented and disjointed. The basic data from their ERP was further enriched by means of Excel files and assets scattered across different folders on their server. It was therefore quite a challenge to retrieve all the data correctly.

In order to avoid inconsistencies and errors in their product information, Orac Decor decided to search for a PIM system, with the aim of providing customers with correct answers quickly and efficiently, regardless of the application (e-mail, post, magazine, website…).

Search for a PIM system

They did not have a specific preference for a particular PIM system. Consequently, market exploration was required. The name Akeneo came up regularly and after viewing the demo, they were pleasantly surprised. The decisive factor for them was the easy integration with Magento.


  • Discrepancies
  • Fragmented data
  •  Recurring errors


  • ‘Single Source Of Truth’ of your product catalogue
  • Notable increase in accuracy
  • Connection to Magento eCommerce and other systems means Orac Decor is prepared for the future

Further progress of the project

The implementation of Akeneo went very smoothly. During joint workshops, the data model was defined which formed the basis for the Akeneo configuration. This was followed by a two-month implementation process, after which Orac Decor’s employees became familiar with Akeneo in no time.

Orac Decor expected to be able to build a ‘single version of truth’ through Akeneo, where employees could find all enriched products and assets in one easy database. This wish has now become a reality, saving them an enormous amount of time. Because of the flexibility of Akeneo they are able to work independently. For example, the marketing team can easily add, delete or limit attributes themselves.

What is the biggest advantage for Orac Decor since the implementation of Akeneo?

Akeneo PIM also generates greater accuracy within the company. The employees can easily find all necessary information, and especially the storage of assets proved to be a great added value for Orac Decor. By adding tags to the assets, they can now also easily filter them. Furthermore, it was important for Orac Decor’s customers to be able to receive personalised exports of product data, which is now also possible!

What does their digital future look like?

Orac Decor is looking forward to its digital future in a very positive way. It was important for them to build a solid foundation that could drive their digital acceleration. In doing so, they were looking for a stable basic set-up that was able to cope with new challenges and changes in the future. With the combination of Magento and Akeneo they were able to create that foundation for the future. This gives them the feeling that the sky’s the limit to take the next steps.

Personal advice from Orac Decor

Their tip for other companies? Find a good partner to work closely with. Akeneo is a standard software that needs to be translated to your reality. A partner that thinks proactively is important!

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