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Obelink is one of Europe’s largest retailers and has been active in outdoor supplies and camping equipment for more than 50 years. It sells more than 33,000 products internationally across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and via the webshop.

Before Obelink used a PIM, they enriched the many products with Excel in combination with ERP and E-commerce. However, their E-commerce system did not meet the high quality requirements for product information. This system also worked differently than the enrichment that was carried out in the POS itself. It was difficult to find an efficient way to collaborate with other POS on data enrichment. Finally, there was no clear overview for the marketing manager to gain insight into the current state of affairs.

To keep the internal cooperation and quality of the onmi-channel product information high, Obelink decided to purchase a PIM system.


The Akeneo implementation was a big job and lasted 6 months. All considered, it went very smoothly. Obelink found a trusted partner in Induxx and saw them as their right hand in the creation of data models, the implementation of Akeneo and the linkage to Magento.

The focus was on the transfer of product information from Obelink’s old environment to the new one. The information from 33,000 products was systematically expanded and enriched by four product managers, eight translators and the marketing team. The data is now routed from Akeneo to the E-commerce system and the annual magazine. In the future, the POS will also be connected to this system.

After setting up a PIM, Obelink expected better cooperation between departments, a faster time-to-market, an expansion of their catalogue and equal quality of information on channels and locales.


  • No efficient way to work omni-channel
  • E-commerce system does not meet product information needs
  • Difficult cooperation between different departments and POS


  • The Akeneo Enterprise Edition allows for easy creation of workflows.
  • Insights on the progress of enrichment per locale are possible in one storage space.
  • Simplicity of the system ensures that everyone can work with it.


Obelink is highly satisfied with the PIM system. Changes and new collections, products and SKUs are added to Akeneo on a regular basis. By using Akeneo, they can create and update products frequently instead of doing it manually on the website. The intention is to further expand the number of products in the coming years.

Via the Enterprise Edition, the E-commerce Manager can easily create projects and sequences for the project team. It is a very straightforward product that brings a lot of insights. The user-friendly interface ensures that staff, even those with no technical background, can work smoothly with Akeneo.

The connection with Magento results in a perfect, high quality omni-channel experience for their many customers.

With Akeneo, Obelink has taken an important step towards a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Wil Salden, Obelink

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