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Benuta is an online paradise for interior design aficionados. This webshop offers a wide and diverse range of carpets and home accessories to give your interior a new look. From vintage to modern rugs, poufs and wall decorations, there is something for everyone. Benuta stands for quality with an eye for warmth and cosiness.

Since Benuta is a web-only shop, efficiency in the product management process and digital marketing is extremely important. This is where things did not quite go according to plan when we first met Benuta. On the one hand, a custom ERP connection did not meet expectations and, on the other, the performance of a custom module developed by an unnamed party turned out to have adverse effects on the transfer of articles from PIM to their Magento 2 e-commerce platform. An untenable situation.

Induxx did not hesitate to seize this major challenge with both hands. All Akeneo entities, in particular attributes, attribute groups, attribute options, categories, products, product models… had to be dynamically synchronised with their existing Magento 2 e-commerce platform, which included no less than  13 store views9 locales and 6 different currencies .


Before linking their existing Akeneo PIM set-up to their live Magento 2 platform, Benuta decided to re-evaluate this PIM set-up, something that eventually resulted in setting up a new, clean Akeneo 4.0 environment. An audit was also performed on their old Akeneo PIM environment. Workshops were held with all required departments: product management, data management and the graphics team. Thanks to a smooth cooperation during this analysis phase, this quickly resulted in an updated and corrected data model. Data structures from the ERP were mapped and then transferred to their new Akeneo PIM system in a simple and efficient way in line with Akeneo standards.

Since Benuta wanted to set up a higher quality and more performant connection with their Magento 2 platform, they selected the Magento API connector developed by Induxx. With this connector, product data is pushed to Magento from now on, in contrast to previous generation connectors where Magento collects the data itself. The new data model also formed the basis for easily creating correct links (mappings) with the existing Magento 2 environment.


  • Correct and consistent data across platforms
  • Connecting ERP, PIM and E-commerce
  • Translating ERP data into usable product data


  • Reduced time to market and increased internal productivity through optimised data model design
  • On-demand pushing of product information to the Magento 2 e-commerce platform
  • More consistent product information across multiple store views


Benuta was able to significantly reduce their time to market thanks to improved data modelling in combination with our Induxx Magento API connector. An average export time of 9 minutes for 1 product model with 9 variants was reduced to 30 seconds!

The speed with which large amounts of data for multiple store views can be organised and enriched simultaneously, as well as the ability to quickly make ad hoc product changes and transfer them to the Magento 2 e-commerce platform helps Benuta with their future digital and international expansion prospects.

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