Akeneo Modules by Induxx

Induxx delivers custom applications. More specifically, customized applications so that you can expand the capabilities of your PIM system. We deliver additional functionalities with which we optimize (the basic version of) your Akeneo PIM system.

With the apps, you adapt your PIM system to your specific needs. There are numerous possibilities. For example, there are apps to automate tasks, streamline processes or enable integration with other software solutions.

We are proud to be Akeneo specialists for business implementation and technical integration. We received this recognition because we have more than 50 Akeneo references in our portfolio. In addition, we already developed numerous modules based on Akeneo products. Discover them here!

Extension of reference data (CE)

We have developed a custom module that enables this type of task, coupled with support of the most important attributes used in Akeneo (simple/multi select, number, metric, image, etc.).

Read-only attribute (CE)

Akeneo does not allow customers to create read-only attributes by default. A custom module was developed in Induxx that allows for this.

Font attribute (CE & EE)

In order to provide a clean solution for the storage of washing instruction icons on reference data, a specific font attribute was developed.

Image hot folder (CE & EE)

Akeneo does not allow default the dropping of images into a folder for automatic processing based on ‘systematics’. However, you can pass on the paths to Akeneo via csv, after which the files are loaded.

S3 cloud storage (AWS) of digital assets (CE & EE)

By making the assets available in the cloud, it becomes possible to link to these documents externally. A major advantage is the positive impact on disk space usage. We can also link a Lambda service to this (e.g. automatically resize images, add a watermark, etc.).

Lambda service (CE & EE)

In combination with S3 cloud storage (AWS), we can link a Lambda service to automatically reduce images, add a watermark, etc.

Cross unique attributes (CE & EE)

The custom functionality was built to ensure uniqueness across different attributes.

Event based text / simple select attributes (CE + EE)

Akeneo does not allow default connection to different attributes according to a certain logic. This is why derivative attributes were designed in Induxx that allow certain actions to be pushed through.

Family specific select options (CE + EE)

Henceforth, it is possible to (optionally) link families to attribute options that are defined at attribute level. If no specific link is made, the attribute option remains available for all families.

Adapted attributes on Akeneo categorising (CE & EE)

Induxx foresees a custom extension where it will be possible to fill in attributes at category level. This way it will be possible to add extra content to the e-commerce website like Photo (Image), SEO / Description (Text), Display Options (Select).

Category export (CE & EE)

Akeneo offers no default filtering options on the category export. However, with this module, you can indicate which category items should be exported based on the listing of the parent item(s).

Tooltips (CE & EE)

Induxx developed an extension that allows you to store meta data with attributes & categories that can then be exported via CSV/XLSX or API to other systems.

Amounts on associations (CE & EE)

Akeneo does not offer the default option of saving numbers or prices on associations (e.g. needed for bundles). By using our bundle, this data can now also be exported via API or via CSV/XLSX.

PDF Generator (CE & EE)

Within Induxx, a custom module was developed that makes it possible to link one or more templates to a product / product model, after which PDFs are generated automatically, either manually or via commands set on the server (CLI, cron, etc.).

CHILI plugin for Akeneo (CE & EE)

The seamless integration between Akeneo and CHILI makes it possible to add your product data directly to a template (design). Above all, this template is simple, fast & fully customisable within Akeneo.

EasyCatalog XML connector (CE & EE)

This module allows you to make product data from Akeneo available to EasyCatalog in the form of an XML file or URL, which can be imported by the XML Data Provider module of EasyCatalog.

Magento API connector (CE & EE)

With the Induxx Connector, the Magento API is directly addressed. The big advantage lies in the fact that our connector fully inhabits the Akeneo application, whereas this is distributed in the Akeneo Connector for Magento 2. This results in better transparent data integration with easy access to (and filter options for) process tracking.

Mapping bundle (CE & EE)

Akeneo is of course default equipped with a (product) export functionality (csv / xlsx). This standard also offers a lot of filtering options.

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