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Novia, founded in 1984, is a family business specialising in the sale of architectural fittings. They sell a total of 20,000 products from 5 different suppliers, of which 7,000 are currently available via their webshop.

Before the introduction of a PIM, Novia worked with an ERP system in which all the images and technical data sheets were stored. There was no database with sufficient product information to easily filter products. Novia took the first step towards going multi-channel by setting up a consultative website. The necessary product information was transferred manually from their DBfact ERP system, which was a time-consuming task. From this website, customers could place products in a wish list and subsequently receive a quotation. To grow into a fully structured webshop and sell via marketplaces ( and Storesquare), an ERP link via PIM was necessary.


The project ran really smoothly. After the E-commerce choice of Magento, the decision to implement Akeneo at the same time was quickly made. The integration between the two systems was uncomplicated by the PIMgento connection. The Product Manager was the only person internally responsible for setting up the PIM. The project started with the enrichment of 6,000 products in the Belgian/Flemish region. There are now already 7,000 and the intention is to systematically add more products and attributes.

The multi-channel story at Novia translates into the output for two shops in Belgium, the Magento webshop and the and Storesquare marketplaces. A partnership with will follow shortly. Akeneo is used as the CRM of their product information.


  • Need for more extensive tags to filter products more efficiently
  • Lack of linkage between ERP and e-commerce
  • No uniform quality of information across channels


  • Increase of internal productivity by collecting attributes and product information in one system.
  • Easy connection with other systems and marketplaces.
  • Novia now offers the same quality across different channels


Novia finds Akeneo a useful tool and would certainly recommend it to other counterparts. Especially the import facility is a great asset, since suppliers usually provide spreadsheets with product information themselves. As a result, productivity has increased and customers enjoy the same quality through all channels.

Internal staff lose less time enriching the information and can now be more active with customers and the shop. The purchase of Akeneo allows them to connect to a third marketplace, namely Moreover, Novia will open up its product information to their colleagues in the new POS.

We needed a solution for proper preparation of the products before placing them online.

Bruno De Schepper, Novia

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